Saturday, 3 June 2017

Raydori (Midori Traveler's style) notebook: part 1

Ay caramba, this post has been saved as a draft since 2014...

I've been using a Filofax since 2009 and therefore don't use as many notebooks as I used to. I am a pretty big Indiana Jones fan, and admit that the main reason for liking the Midori Traveler's Notebook is due to its resemblance to Dr. Henry Jones Senior's Holy Grail diary! The Midori is minimal in its styling, rugged and looks great with more wear and tear.

One of the things that put me off the TN is that the notebooks are not a standard size, so you would need to purchase or make them yourself (for both standard or passport size). On further investigation, this Raydori is actually slightly larger than the passport size made by Midori and conveniently fits a pocket Moleskine cahier instead. If you are the type of person that writes lots, then this would definitely work out cheaper as you can buy a pack of three Moleskine cahiers for only slightly more than one Midori passport refill.

I would like to thank the very kind Ray Blake from My Life All in One Place for sending this lovely notebook to me free of charge. I just happened to mention in Facebook one day that I was tempted by the TNs and he offered to send me one of his, thank you!
Here are the contents of the package that I received:

Along with the leather notebook cover, I received a kraft file insert made from cardboard, an envelope that could be used to archive used booklets, a lovely note from Ray and a squared Moleskine cahier notebook.

The cover is a piece of plain leather (which smells wonderful) with elastics to keep the cover closed and a notebook in place. I love the simplicity of the design.

The leather is a beautiful green-grey that reminds me of lichen on stones. Whilst I was initially a little disappointed that it wasn't brown, I think I now prefer this colour and the green elastic perfectly complements it.

Kraft insert in cover:

As I wanted to try using it as my main planner, I decided to buy a couple of extras from the Journal Shop - a passport size zipper pocket and some more Moleskine cahiers.

Size comparison - next to my personal Kensington Filofax. I took the notebook away on holiday and it easily fitted in the pocket of my raincoat, so very handy for travel.

Whilst it is obviously a smaller page size than I'm used to with my Filofax, it's still a very usable space due to there being no rings to get in the way.

This is just the first post to introduce my Raydori and I will be writing more about my set up and how well it works as my main planner. Whilst I can't imagine moving away from Filofax completely, this is an excellent alternative and one that I enjoy using when I feel I need a change.

Sadly I haven't met Ray in person, but I'd thoroughly recommend visiting his website as it's packed with lots of helpful ideas and free printable inserts for both Filofax and traveler's notebooks. You can also purchase his traveler's notebooks. Steve from Philofaxy and Ray are also working together in an on-going project to produce free Filofax printable diary inserts and you can find the full list here.

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