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Cult Pens mini fountain pen review and give away

I've always loved fountain pens since using them at school, and can't imagine not owning and using any. Since discovering my love of Filofax in 2009, I've found that many of the pen loops are sadly just too slim to accommodate many of them. It's been a while since I did a review for the fabulous Cult Pens, so I got in contact and they suggested I try out their mini fountain pen.

Its sleek barrel is made from anodised aluminium with a matt brushed finish, which matches my MacBook Pro very nicely. As the name suggests, this is a small pen when capped at just 105mm long, but when posted is a nice size at 123mm in length. The slim 9.5mm barrel fits nicely in my Ascot and Malden Filofax pen loops, but doesn't feel too small for me.

As you can see from here, it's fairly comparable in size (when posted) with my Lamy Safari and Muji fountain pens. I did ask my husband to try writing with it, and his feedback is that the length is fine but he does find the barrel on the slim size for him.

The pen has been designed in conjunction with Kaweco (the same company who made this calligraphy set I reviewed before), and I've quickly found that it's become my go-to pen for these reasons:

  • It fits in my Filofax pen loop (a BIG deal which other filo owners will understand)
  • The Kaweco nib writes smoothly and the ink flows immediately each time on the first stroke 
  • Despite being a smaller pen, it has a nice weight and balance to it
  • It's very convenient to pop into your bag or pocket, due to its small dimensions and screw on cap (and yes, I've had a bag full of leaking ink before).
Cult Pens kindly provided me with a Kaweco Sport converter which fits, but to be honest I haven't given it a go yet. It's a weeny little thing that won't hold much ink, so I'd probably just use my blunt tip syringe to refill an empty cartridge with the bottled ink instead.

The main reason this pen is a keeper for me is its smooth nib. I've been through a number of fountain pens in the past that just weren't that nice to write with, either too scratchy or I spent more time trying to get the ink to flow. There's a wide range of nibs available for this pen, ranging from extra fine to extra broad to satisfy anyone's tastes. 

I was given both a fine and medium nib to try out. I tend to prefer a finer nib, especially if I'm using it to write in my Filofax. 

So, how does it perform on Filofax paper?
Well, there is a little feathering and some bleed through on the back of the diary inserts.

However, I like the Filofax yellow notepad paper and the ink actually does much better on this with no noticeable feathering or show through. I've found that some of the other fountain pen ink struggles with coloured paper, and seems to just sit on top of it, rather than sinking in. 

I'm a great fan of Getting Things Done and have tried various methods in the past of trying to catch all my thoughts in one place (called ubiquitous capture by the author David Allen). The idea is that you use something that you always have with you (my filo normally lives at home), and I'm finding that a piece of Filofax paper folded up in my wallet seems to be working very well. At the end of the day, I pop it into the front of my filo for processing later. However, I can forget to take a pen, or it'll get caught up with other rubbish in my bag and isn't so easy to find. Looking at the mini fountain pen, I suddenly had a Eureka! moment. 

It's the perfect size to clip in the middle of my wallet, so that it won't get bashed about by my keys etc. and isn't big enough to add much bulk.

I'd like to thank Cult Pens for providing these 2 pens free for me to review, and I'd heartily recommend them as they're reliable, tough and nice to write with.

Thank you for your interest, but this give away is now closed.
I will be having another fountain pen give away shortly!