Thursday, 5 July 2012

My filofax holiday essentials mood boards

As previously mentioned, I'm taking part in the Filofax holiday essentials challenge and created three mood boards, which have also been uploaded to Facebook.

First of all, these are the holiday essentials I'd take along to a beach paradise:

When I was creating this, my inspiration was my planned visit to Langkawi next year, when I visit Malaysia with my husband and family. I've come across statements like 'a gorgeous mix of white sand, crystalline turquoise-blue waters and verdant palms'. Sounds great to me!

Next up is what I'd take with me on a countryside jaunt:

With this one in mind, I imagined going to stay in the Cotswolds. I love walking, so would hope for a break from the summer rain to go for a long ramble to explore the local area.

And lastly, these are my items for a city break:

When selecting these, my inspiration was a trip to New York or maybe Toronto. I'd do some shopping and sight-seeing, and then chillax with a cinnamon dolce latte and a croissant.