Friday, 6 April 2012

F is for filofax

It's no surprise to anyone that reads my blog that I love filofaxes.
More information about the company can be found on their website here. In the 1980s, they became a desirable accessory for any aspiring yuppie and Del Boy can be seen picking his up at the end of this classic clip! (A Winchester, I guess?)

Why do I like them?
  • They're stationery (nuff said really)
  • Kinda like the ultimate notebook where you can move stuff around and personalise it
  • The leather ones smell gooood
  • They help me keep organised. (Yes, I could do that with a 99p notebook, but I do enjoy using some thing a bit nicer)
  • A way to keep every thing in one place
  • I've met so many lovely people on the Philofaxy site and some in person, which was great fun!
  • In this day and age of technology, it's nice to disconnect and plan using pen and paper. When ever I need to figure some thing out, I always reach for paper and feel more committed to what I write
  • No charging required, they don't crash and a bit of redbush/green tea doesn't tend to do them much harm
  • You don't need to buy a new one each year like a diary (in theory). Well, actually I've done my own share of buying filofaxes and then selling them as I then decided they weren't quite right for me. Luckily the brand has a strong customer base, which means there is a thriving second-hand market and I recently sent one of my purchases to the US! 
  • You can read a bit more about me and filofaxes in the Philofaxy Reader under the spotlight series.


  1. Look at your new A5 Malden! Pretty color. We need a tour of it! ;)

    1. There'll be a guest post of mine on Philofaxy soon :)

  2. OH no, what have you done? A new thing for me to obsess over. Well not new, technically, just new to me.

    I mean - I get excited about staples. Can you imagine what this is doing to me?

  3. Nice post and gorgeous photos!

    @scribe You better join us Filofax fanatics over at Philofaxy blogspot...

  4. i love stationaery and organization too! great list of positives for filofax =)

  5. I love my filofaxes too and agree with almost everything on your list

    I have just done a blogpost about my filofaxes with bit about Getting Things Done

  6. Anita, moving back into my a5. I always had problems with the personal size and I tried I really tried over the last two weeks but... I put together my Malden to test the dodo inserts and found I wasn't even using the personal despite the fact that it was the one set up and I prefer the actual binder. Not the size, but the binder.... So I guess it's back to a5 for me!