Thursday, 5 April 2012

E is for exercise

I love exercise.
I've found over the years that it's about finding what I actually enjoy, rather than doing it because it's good for me. I've heard a number of people say something like, "I hate running, but it's such a good way to get fit".
I personally can't imagine doing that, as I doubt I'd stick at some thing that didn't float my boat. For example, I don't really fancy going to the gym. I've worked out in several on holiday, but generally felt I'd prefer to be outside running or on my bicycle. Maybe signing up properly and having guidance from an instructor would be different, but I've never seriously considered it.

At school, I was always enthusiastic at sports, but not particularly gifted at any thing. For a couple of years in a row, I did the shot put at sports day but purely because no one else wanted to and I needed to get involved. Running round the sports track seemed a bit pointless to me, but I did enjoy cross country running.

I got into martial arts for some thing a bit different to try, and liked the idea of training in some thing a bit more in-depth. Talking to some friends the other day made me realise just how much I've done now! It all started with tai chi for a couple of years, then a dabble in taekwondo, a couple of years of Goju Ryu karate, some months of Wing Chun kung fu, found aikido in 2004, a period of kickboxing and full circle back to tai chi.
I couldn't imagine not doing a martial art now, but very occasionally I think it might be easier to take up some thing else! It's never a serious thought though.

My other love is running, but I won't go into detail here as this will be my R post in the challenge.
I find that exercise is not only good for me physically, but definitely mentally as well. I always feel better after aikido or after a run. Changing your breathing is a way to improve your mood and this can be achieved by exercise or some thing like yoga or meditation.
And on that note, I'm off to meditate before bed :)

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  1. Good for you! I sucked at sports, and I really hate running, so I walk. I walk the three dogs every morning up and down hills for 1.5 miles, then I walk to work, another mile. And I miss it terribly if I don't get that chance to get out and breath fresh air and find my walking zen.