Friday, 29 April 2011

Belated Things I Love Thursday

With all these bank holidays and being on holiday, I had to check what day of the week it was!
  • The Walking Dead - I've always got time for watching zombies :)
  • Being on holiday and chilling out with...
  • My wonderful husband
  • MasterChef - always get upset towards the end as I want them all to win  
  • My new pink Lamy Safari fountain pen, which fits in the pen loop of my filofax
  • Watching my cat play in the sunshine
  • Half price sale on Gala Darling's Love and Sequins

Friday, 22 April 2011

Tattoos and NLP

I had my first tattoo done in 2003 and chose an image that I immediately loved, but one that didn't have any particular significance. 
Whilst on honeymoon in Morocco, I had a henna tattoo done and began searching for henna designs once back home. They are very beautiful and there would be the added bonus of it reminding me of the wonderful time we had. I printed out some pictures and got a quote from the tattoo place, but some thing just didn't feel quite right. Finally, my tattoo came to me in a dream! I've mentioned before the motto of Aikido Yuishinkai here, and I find it very inspiring. I dreamt I had the first line as an armband, and that was it.

My husband (scroll down for details about him) does NLP, and we've done work on anchoring previously, with the idea of creating good feelings and associations in relation to a specific action. For example, a simple anchor could be touching your thumb and forefinger together, or putting on your aikido kit. It occurred to me that we could set up an anchor that means when ever I see my tattoo I feel good! The great news is that I can load any thing onto it. Say I'd like to feel more relaxed whilst driving. I'll think of a time when I had a fantastic and relaxed drive, and fully recreate that memory, see what I saw, heard and felt in glorious surround sound cinema. Build it up to the max and then fire off the anchor to associate those feelings with that action. The idea is then you can recreate those good feelings in any situation easily.

I haven't had any NLP training, so there will be better explanations out there. I've found anchors an easy way to help improve or change my mood or state of mind, and would really recommend them.