Sunday, 20 November 2011

Philofaxy meet up 19th November

On Saturday, I set off early so that I'd be able to have a look around the Tate Modern before the meet up. I caught up on some reading on the train in my Strata, and you can just see my Malden here peeking in on the left which I used as my wallet for the day. It worked very well - coins in the front pocket, some cards and then notes in a zip lock envelope at the back.
As the weather forecast sounded good, I decided to walk from Waterloo, rather than take the tube and I really enjoyed my peaceful amble along the river.
The Tate Modern didn't seem that busy and I found visiting on my own very relaxing, as I often feel that my pace is a bit too slow for other people when looking around museums and galleries. I'm not sure where the time went, and scurried down the escalators to look for the others outside at 11:55 a.m.

After some initial hold ups due to the tube, we all finally made it and it didn't take long before the filofaxes made their appearance! There were 10 of us in total, as unfortunately Bronni and Angela couldn't make it. 
Clockwise from the left: Christa, Imy, Tracy, Anja (hidden), Adam, Sharon, Steve and Kate
We chatted, swapped our filofaxes, compared lay outs and had a leisurely lunch. Even though I'd never met anyone before I felt very comfortable like I already knew them, as Steve mentions here about what it's like to attend one of the meet ups.
Anja, Adam, Sharon and Steve
 Imy was presented with the notebook that she won in my competition, a card (kindly made by Kate and signed by all of us) and some Smarties.

 What's driven Tracy to alcohol??
Tracy and Anja
Aargh, was it the dreaded Apex??

Imy, Tracy and her competition Apex
Once the plates were out of the way, it was time to line all the filos up and we had 22 in total, not including those in the reflection!

Around 3:00 p.m. we headed off for the Neal Street store, and Sharon made sure we all got there in good time (thank you for that!).
Osterleys which I thought I'd like, but a bit too serious/business-like for me
Imy and Christa
Me, Tracy, Steve, Imy, Kate and Christa
So, what did I buy??
Well, I can't yet reveal the purchase as it's a Christmas gift for my husband, but I didn't buy anything for myself. I really enjoyed looking at other people's and the ones in the shop, but it's confirmed that the crimson personal Malden is the the one for me. I did consider buying a pen on sale at £10, but came to the conclusion that I didn't need it.
All the Malden sizes, yum!

Dee kindly popped a shopping guide with money off voucher, a little gift bag and a Christmas card in with my purchase.

Thank you so much, Steve, for arranging the day. I had a lovely time and would thoroughly recommend attending a meet up if you're a filofax fan. Initially I didn't fancy going to one, but every one always seems to have a good time and I definitely did! 


  1. I am so sorry I had to miss it. I would have loved to have met you. Glad you had a great time though.

  2. Hi CP, it was definitely a shame you couldn't make it & I would've loved to have met you too :)

  3. As an aside, if the pen you almost purchased was one of the Filofax ballpoints, you did well to take a miss. It is one of the most awful pens I've ever used, and definitely the worst pen I have ever spent money on (as opposed to an awful pen you get for free from a bank or a dry cleaner or something). Yes, they fit in the loops of any and all Filofax binders, but that is just about the only good thing you can say about them.

    Lovely post of a lovely day! It was fun to read.

  4. Hi Ro & thanks for your comment :)
    Yes, it was one of the filofax ballpoints I was considering, & the comments some people made about them previously did put me off as they said pretty much the same thing. Shame really.
    It was a lovely day.

  5. @MsPencil
    You're welcome! It's a great day out if you're a filofax fan :)

  6. These posts make me want to fly over for a meet up!

    Then again it might cost me more in filofaxes then it would in airfare!


  7. It's weird - I always thought the crimson Malden was the one for me too, but when I bought one (without having looked at one 'in the flesh' first) although I really liked it, I wasn't totally blown away. I prefer it in grey for some reason, even though I usually favour bright colours! I'd love it if they introduced a new range of colours...

  8. @ The Crazy Suburban Mom: I agree the airfare might make it a bit too expensive! Maybe you could organise your own meet up?

    @Clair Joanne Huxham: I found the same kinda thing when I visited the store in London, quite a few of them didn't grab me as much as I expected. Hopefully they'll introduce more colours as they're a very popular filofax :)

    Thanks to both of you for your visit & comment!