Thursday, 31 March 2011

Things I Love Thursday

  • Graduating in my shiatsu course this week, hooray!!! (more details to follow)
  • Feeling proud of myself for graduating, and being relaxed in my final exams
  • Donating a big box of items to a local charity shop
  • Listening to Richard Bandler on my iPod
  • Catching up on Master Chef
  • Practising Qigong daily for 13 days in a row
  • Giving my husband a seated massage treatment before dinner.

Fabulous filofax

I have a confession... I love stationery.  Mostly, I enjoy window shopping and don't buy any thing.
I came across Philofaxy one day and am now the proud owner of 3 filofaxes; a personal size cherry Classic, a personal Kendal and a mini chocolate Classic. For me, they're the world's best notebook as I can move things around. 

My Kendal is my main filo and I love that I can chuck it in a bag and any scuffs just rub out. The brown leather smells wonderful, and reminds me of childhood summers helping out at a local riding school.

In the front, I have a photo my husband took on our honeymoon to Morocco. It reminds me of the wonderful time we had and makes me smile.

The note you can see that lives in the front says:
I used to procrastinate on many things, especially if I found them scary, and this is my reminder to just start! 

My sections are based around the Getting Things Done paper planner layout, and are:
Notes/in, MITs (Most Important Tasks), action lists, projects/goals, project plans and ref/misc.

Here's an example of one of my action lists, which I split by context. This is working for me really well, as I will remove my @ PC list and then focus on that when I'm working on my laptop.

Most of my sections are currently empty, as I'm having a bit of a spring clean. My cherry Classic is full of all the random bits and pieces, until I sit down to sort through them all.

I always have some inspirational quotes I've found in my reference/miscellaneous section.

I also normally have some acupuncture point details, which have been a great refresher in the lead up to the exam I just had (and passed!).

And in the back, there's spare paper, the Getting Things Done workflow diagram and weekly review notes.