Sunday, 28 November 2010

One practical down

I sat the first of my shiatsu final practical assessments earlier this week!
This has been some thing I've been putting off for quite some time, so it felt great to finally have them booked in the diary. I'm so close to graduating that it seems silly not to finish it all off now. It won't make any difference to the shiatsu I'm doing on people, but will mean I get the final OK from my school and can move on.
I think before I worried that graduating meant I needed to be some kind of shiatsu expert? Doesn't make much sense to me now really.

It seems good timing that I did the coach level 1 course recently, as I took that relaxed feeling into my assessment and enjoyed it, rather than being nervous. I realised after doing the coach course that doing my shiatsu assessment wasn't all that different. Both involve doing my stuff, and then a teacher gives me their opinion of it. No biggie, no need for stress and worry. I wish I'd worked that out a long time ago! I used to a perfectionist and a worrier. I've come to the conclusion that neither are much fun or help me accomplish much.

Once again, I enjoyed some thing that took me out of my comfort zone and my assessment went well, in my opinion. I won't get my result until I sit the next one, and then both teachers will discuss their findings. However, my teacher said, "I had nothing to worry about", which was very encouraging!

Coach level 1 aikido course

I really enjoyed the course and found it very inspiring.
Day 1 was theory, covering information about setting up a club, health and safety, child protection etc.
Day 2 was mainly on the mat, as 12 of us taught for 15 minutes and then received feedback. About half of the attendees were from my association, Aikido for Daily Life, but we also had some people from Aikido Alive and some other dojos. I thoroughly enjoyed practising with and being taught by people from different styles of aikido.

When it came my turn to teach, I found that I wasn't at all nervous! I looked around at every one and felt calm and collected. I've helped and encouraged other students before, but it was strange being Sensei for a change. I think the hardest thing was knowing where to place my uke, so that people could see properly.

I got every one to practise the first move, ikkyo, whilst concentrating on extending out into the Heart channel along the arm. I then covered shihonage, getting them to extend into Lung-10. And I started to look at kotagaeshi, extending into Triple Heater-3 and where the little finger contacts at Heart-7 and Heart Protector-7, but ran out of time. I'm really enjoying both aikido and shiatsu at the moment, and love the fact that I could combine the two!   
We all passed, and I found it illuminating to be able to move outside my comfort zone and still be relaxed.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Aikido helps improve your mood

I felt a bit out of sorts this morning, tired & just a bit blah. We were due to go to an aikido course, so I figured I'd do some points on myself afterwards to help lift my energy & overall mood. I found an alternative to this - practising aikido with the lovely folks in Taunton! I feel so much better now, more positive & less tired than I have been for a while since recovering from the flu. 

There was lots to challenge me earlier today & I really enjoyed the course. Added bonus... I got to practise with my wonderful husband. He's also my Sensei, so we obviously don't get to practise together like this at my normal weekly class. 

I'll be attending a coach level 1 course for aikido, which means I will teaching for a short time during the week end. I've helped & encouraged other students on the mat before, but this will be my first experience of actually teaching!
I've already decided to look at how to help your partner using moves that work on certain channels or acupuncture points. For example, the shihonage point (Lung-10) benefits the throat, clears Lung heat, descends rebellious qi & harmonises the Stomach & Heart. Sounds like a good move to do at this time of year with so much lurgy going round!