Sunday, 4 April 2010

Go gadget girl, go

I've always loved gadgets, but rarely buy them. I finally gave in & bought an iPod Touch & it's fantastic! I've been using GTD for some time now, & bought a filofax for this purpose. I love my filofax, but my handwritten action lists haven't been quite right for me. So when I was offered a 3 week old 8Gb Touch for £100, I snapped it up before it went on eBay.

I'm using the calendar synced with Google calendar for my shiatsu appointments, ZenBe Lists for GTD, Files lite to read documents & Acupoints Ultimate to help me learn my acupuncture points.   
I'm amazed at how easy it's been to set up & am kinda wondering why I didn't buy one sooner...

I was using Remember The Milk on the free 15 day trial, as I've used RTM before. After having a little look around, I decided on Zenbe Lists as I never used most of the functions in RTM. I've set up lists by context & also one for projects. It's simple, looks good on the iTouch, syncs with my PC & worked out a lot cheaper than a RTM pro account.