Saturday, 28 July 2007

Facial aculift massage rocks!

Well, I finished the course yesterday & thoroughly enjoyed it.
To begin with, it involves holding certain acupuncture points on the face, head & neck. Then there are muscle release techniques to relax every thing, along with some stretches.
Then either we used oil or massage wax to concentrate on any wrinkles, & I enjoyed sweeping up the face with the added lubrication of wax or oil.
The last 3 times I received FAM, I fell asleep as it was sooo relaxing.
It could be called cosmetic acupressure for marketing purposes. However, I think it's face shiatsu with extra knobs on for working with wrinkles.

Then there was an added bonus at the end. Some people were invited into the class (not fellow students) for us to practice on. I had a very nice lady, who I could tell found it relaxing from the outset. She gave me very positive feedback & trotted off to look in the mirror at my handiwork. It had made quite a big difference to some lines on her forehead, which was great for my confidence.
My teacher thanked me at the end, as due to my work she wanted to book a session with him. She did talk to me, but realised I am no where close to where she lives.

I can now charge for Shiatsu (1/2 price as I'm still studying), FAM & also Sotai (postural re-alignment using the muscles) . It's a bit scary, but exciting too & I'm going to look about registering as self-employed.

Monday, 23 July 2007

Harry Potter

I didn't think I was that excited about the new book coming out, & had decided to wait until my birthday. However, Saturday came & I just had to buy it. I finally finished it Monday 1 a.m.! That wasn't non-stop reading, other normal life interrupted me.
Well, I thoroughly enjoyed it, & am considering reading it a 2nd time at a slightly more leisurely pace.
I think the main reason for buying it now, was that I couldn't bear the thought of hearing the ending from some one else.

Thursday, 19 July 2007


I got what looks like a promising book out of the library today. It's called The Spiritual Teachings of the Tao by Mark Forstater. I've dabbled with other books about Taoism, such as the Tao of Pooh & the Te of Piglet. For some reason today, the opening chapter of this book made a lot of sense.
Studying shiatsu & aikido seem to me to come under the umbrella of Taoism really. I guess I haven't previously thought that. How can I get a day job that fits in with that? Or is that the hard part?? In aikido, we try to bring the positivity we practice on the mat off into every day life.
Hmm, this is not a clear thought process at the moment, so I think I'll write more when I've done more thinking!

I'm curious if any other shiatsu practioners or students feel this way. Just makes sense to me at the moment...

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Final stage of my course

I've just received the dates for the final part of my course! In just under a year's time I could be qualified... That includes doing 100 treatments & some case histories. It occurred to me recently that rather than knowing every thing about shiatsu, I think it'll be equivalent to being a Dan grade. You know the basics & principles, & are ready to really learn. Makes me also think about when I learnt to ride a motorbike too. I started to properly relax & learn more once I passed my test.
I feel that thinking that way takes some pressure off, as previously I thought I needed to be an expert once qualified.

I've got 2 exams on Saturday, & I'm pretty chilled about that which is unusual for me. I think at the moment I'd prefer to fail them, but be chilled, rather than stress like I normally do. I did manage to be relaxed about my last physiology exam, so that's my plan from now on. The next stage is more important & I need to be chilled now, rather than end up flapping around all stressed from September to June next year.

I think I need to sit down & consider what shiatsu means to me. What is there that will keep me going if things are tough? I know the study is changing the way I view people & things. The Shiatsu Society have mentioned that a growing number of students qualify & then disappear a year or so afterwards. I know this is probably partly due to the pressures of setting up your own business, but I don't intend on joining them!

Oh, some silly kinda relevant YouTube thingies: