Friday, 23 March 2007

Scary shiatsu

I think I'm getting some where with my feelings about shiatsu at the moment. To be honest, studying this is fascinating, confusing, frustrating, some times wonderful & scary too. It's such a deep subject and I think I can actually help people with this.
In comparison, working in audit/accountancy was a safe choice, & I'm glad I didn't stay there.
Realising this doesn't make it any easier. I believe in how shiatsu enables your body to be balanced. Your body knows how it should be. The ki knows where it should be, if that doesn't sound too odd. I'm not going to be 'healing' any body, I don't figure it works that way.

Last night my hands were so buzzy I had problems getting to sleep. Irritating thing is I felt I was on the brink of some revelation, but fell asleep instead! Always the way, huh?

I had some hypnotherapy in 2005. Strange stuff, man. Really. Powerful though & I don't really understand what he did. That said, he came highly recommended by family so I trusted him. My overall opinion is that he helped put things in motion, kinda like sending the ki forward.

It is strange to be writing about things like this. Things used to be simpler, but certainly not better. Simpler because I was just existing, coping with each day, but not challenging myself personally.