Thursday, 19 April 2007

From scary to engaging

I haven't posted for a while as I haven't been in the best place with my studies.
If some one asked me fairly recently, "Are you enjoying studying shiatsu?" The answer would have been, "Not at the moment."
I've just been finding the theory overwhelming & not being happy with practice. I know the practical side is due partly to my own high expectations & being in my head too much. I have had consistently good feedback from all my willing bodies, but I just feel I haven't been doing 'good' shiatsu recently.

One week end with an enthusiastic teacher & my fellow students, & I'm back on track! (yay)
I've been getting a bit stressed about learning all the points & channels. Tonight, all of a sudden I've made a breakthrough... All the channels are paired together (into what's called Six Divisions) which has to also do with where they lie on the limbs. A light bulb has been flickering on & off for quite a few hours today.
I'm so excited (call me sad, if you wish) that I've realised that the pairings for the 5 elements are also linked into where the channels lie. For example, for the Water element, they kinda run down opposite sides of the leg (Kidney & Bladder). I didn't realise this, or didn't understand it previously.

There are nice touches to the way my textbooks are laid out too, which I didn't 'see' before. 5 elements are in their order, e.g. Water, Wood, Fire etc. And even the channels are listed by the Six Divisions.
It's seeing patterns in all the information, which I'll need to process all the info properly.
When I was doing accounting, I could look for patterns in the numbers a lot of the time. I guess this is the first time I've done it with shiatsu!