Friday, 22 December 2006

Confidence & letting go

People ask me, "How's the shiatsu course going?" And I'll tend to say, "Great, thanks!"
To be honest, I have times when I'm not so sure. I get good feedback when I practice on my willing volunteers. And I'm getting occasional moments of clarity with my hara diagnosis.
However, I'm just not feeling so confident with it at the moment. I assume it's probably going to be like that off & on. I guess I'm just looking at ways to pull myself back up. Thinking of concentrating on a particular channel for the festive season. Maybe some thing to aid the digestion!

Think I've had a mini-breakthrough with aikido.
Practised letting more out & it's weird, don't feel like I'm doing any thing different, but people are hitting the mat much harder. I'm doing a presentation for my green belt in January, & I'm glad I'll be able to show some progression from orange belt. During my last class, I know I did some movements with either my eyes shut or pulling a face. I was practising with two 3rd Dans & a 1st Dan, so I could hardly hurt them. Even still, I was finding it hard as I haven't practised at that level very much. Is that green belt level??