Thursday, 17 August 2006

Aikido summer school

Wow, from 5th-12th August was our summer school all week, taught by Maruyama Sensei! (

On 5th-6th, there was a Yuki course at our dojo, which is (I think) reiki, kiatsu, soutai & yuki. I am going to do an additional Soutai course with my shiatsu school which means I can get insurance & practise this before becoming fully qualified in shiatsu. Cool!
Wonderful 2 days which is very relevant to my study. I also gained enough courage to ask Maruyama Sensei if I could practise shiatsu on him, to which he said yes!! (both very exciting & scary)

7th-12th was taught at a local school & consisted of aikido, tanto, bokken & jo. To be honest, I enjoyed this part of the course too, but it was also hard work. To my amazement, I started forward rolling in movement on the Monday which was great & I did a bit of a dance on the mat after the first one! However, it did mean I bashed myself a fair number of times due to lumpy rolling. Then I hit my head later during the week & had to be seen to by my chiropractor who practices, Sensei, & his wife. This all wasn't any one else just me not relaxing enough & then being a bit surprised, followed by a bit dazed... A bit of a rest from my rolling, hot baths & arnica cream, & I was ready to go back for more.
Wonderful week which included my birthday as well! I don't always find aikido the easiest thing, but it seems to work on a completely different level to the goju ryu karate I did before.

On the Sunday after summer school, I practised shiatsu on Maruyama Sensei & his wife. I don't think I can still quite believe it... They were both lovely, I wasn't nervous once there & they gave me very positive feedback. I was a bit nervy when I woke up & trying not to think how Sensei is one of the few surviving direct pupils of the founder of aikido etc., etc.!
Some years ago, I would never had the confidence to even consider doing some thing like that :)

Stage 2 course

Well, I've given this a bit of a rest as it seemed to be becoming a bit of a chore.
Stage 2 of my practioner course covered:
  • Therapeutic stretching & cross fibre techniques
  • Vital substances (Qi, Body Fluids Blood & Essence)
  • Anatomy (muscles)
  • 12 channels (Liver, Heart Protector etc.) & their relevant points, techniques etc.
  • Practical feedback & the usual Qi Qong practice.
Many of the days were spent focusing on a particular channel & how to work it in the best position (supine, prone or side).

As usual, it was an excellent 2 weeks teaching by Chris & Andrew. However, there seemed a lot to take in & I found them quite tiring. On the first day, myself & a fellow student were agreeing that we both felt a bit overwhelmed by the amount to remember & also the speed with which we have covered it. It is fascinating, but even still lots to learn! I know the day will come when I just find Liver 8 without thinking, but it's still some way off...

Rather than do Stage 3 intensively, we have all signed up to study one week end a month. This will slow down the pace of the course considerably. Instead of having approx. 6 weeks to practice on 20 people, I now will have until next June to practice on a further 30. Phew! Starting off studying in blocks of weeks has been great, but I think we're all more than happy to give ourselves a bit more time.